Colorado Democratic Party

Chair, 2017 – present.

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After 4 years of chaos, contempt and carelessness, America has turned a corner, putting thoughtful, responsible leaders at the helm of some very difficult challenges. Years of dangerous denials about COVID-19, promotion of conspiracy theories over fact, and coddling violent insurrections has left people stressed and exhausted. The failure to timely respond to COVID-19 meant that many thousands of people died needlessly, many businesses shuttered permanently, and workers have been displaced. Leadership matters

The escalated and constant rhetoric from Republicans of hating all government has led to hating American democracy. We elect our government. The government is us, not “them.” I don’t recognize the current Republican party. It has embraced violence, conspiracy theories, abandoned any pursuit of moral living and is loosely held together through a shared hatred of Democrats and anyone who is not like them. It supports grotesque tax evasion for billionaires and the largest corporations but opposes tax breaks for low and middle income families. Under Trump it has embraced totalitarian regimes and embraced authoritarianism under the cult of Trump.

We are at a crossroads. The ability to receive a fair wage for hard work; the opportunity to get a good education without a mountain of debt; the freedom to love and marry; the ability to go to get medical care when you are sick; and the right to clean air and water. My vision for the future of the Colorado Democratic Party includes a great deal of listening, learning and action. We welcome everyone to join us in our fight for a better future for our state, our country, and our planet.

The health of our representative democracy is only as strong as the degree of public participation. If people don’t vote, don’t engage, don’t advocate, don’t act, then our basic rights and freedoms are only an ideal and not a reality. In the end we decide what kind of future we want.